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Network Rail & Dicora - Global System for Mobile Railway GSM-R and Sub Systems

L.B. Foster Telecoms partnered with specialist security and communications integrator Optilan to deliver Network Rail’s (NWR) Global System for Mobile - Railway (GSM-R) Fixed Terminal System (FTS) project. L.B. Foster Telecoms solution comprised at its heart a DICORA S dispatcher system.


L.B. Foster Telecoms’ team of experienced, highly qualified electrical and mechanical engineers surveyed and designed the GMS-R solution for over 230 NWR signal boxes. The project included detailing existing and new electrical cable routes, as well as identifying power and communications systems calculations and a detailed system installation proposal for each of over 230 signal boxes.


The overall project included:

  • Surveying over 230 Network Rail signal boxes nationwide identifying individual installation requirements, cable routes, calculations and equipment positions.
  • Producing a detailed design with a detailed installation plan for each signal box
  • Installation of all communication multi pair data cables
  • Installation of all low voltage (LV) electrical cables
  • Installation on various CRMS systems.

“The complexity of this project should not be underestimated. We worked closely with the team at L.B. Foster as each signal box installation presented its own unique challenge. The design and installation teams did a fantastic job under a great deal of pressure, delivering over unique solutions to suit each of 230 signal boxes.”

Pamela Walker, Project Manager, Optilian
To learn the full scope of the project, download the case study below.