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Bridgestrike Remote Contract

Some 62 bridges Nationwide have been fitted with No.434 HD cameras and our ‘Tell-Tale’ devices – HD images are taken daily, as well as upon request after a bridgestrike, and transferred securely over a VPN via the mobile phone network to our secure servers.


Any camera that has an issue of image quality will in the first instance, within 72 hours, have its focus reset by remote means, and if necessary the camera optics will be recalibrated. (By remote means.)

Any camera that fails connection will checked via the connection logs to ascertain the 3G supplier has a service. Within 72 hours we will raise a fault report with the 3G supplier and progress the fault. All remote diagnostics will be completed reference the 3G link, router LAN testing and power testing prior to a service visit.

In the event a service call to the bridge is required, we will manage the road closure permissions if required, and agree a method statement and risk assessment with the route control manager for that region. The visit will be billable for labour and TM, but all parts are included free of charge.

To learn the full scope of the project, download the case study below.