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Our total building services operation stands out in the sectors we serve; from railways to airports, energy to security.

TEW Plus, part of L.B. Foster Company, has been delivering mechanical and electrical engineering services for many years. We have been at the forefront of Telecoms, Fire Protection Services, HVAC and site services from the control room to the passenger concourse.

We provide traditional solutions such as security systems, CCTV, SISS, Telecoms, building control and remote condition monitoring. Now introducing Fire Safety Services, HVAC and building management services.

  • 1500

    Over 1,500km of cable is being used to supply power, lighting and ventilation systems on Crossrail

  • 10

    Our work on the new Elizabeth line includes telecoms on 10 new stations

  • 600

    More than 600 people from L.B. Foster Telecoms are working on the Crossrail project

  • 30

    £30m estimated order value for L.B. Foster Telecoms over the life of the Crossrail project

Our comprehensive security portfolio is used throughout the rail sector in the battle against trespass, vandalism and metal theft.


We design and deliver bespoke and traditional railway security solutions for applications across a wide range of environments. In addition to integrating technologies supplied by our trusted supply chain, our own product portfolio is second to none, including product approved covert and overt CCTV solutions, approved trackside cable movement detectors and overhead line tamper detectors.

Where we come into our own is our innovative solar-powered, HD CCTV solutions. These are highly portable, small and easy to install without lots of wires, and ideal for use in remote and inaccessible locations.

Our dedicated field service and technical support staff will help determine the best solution for your specific application.

Our dedicated field service and technical support staff will help determine the best solution for your specific application.

After Sales Support

We give you the peace of mind you deserve. We’re dedicated to providing you with fantastic after sales support. That includes on-site training for your people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to maintain your equipment. And if additional support is needed, our engineers can provide site visits to identify issues and provide solutions.

We assess your requirements and create after sales packages that are tailored to your requirements. That includes advice on recommended spares packages, as well as service and maintenance contracts.

Comprehensive Remote Condition Monitoring solutions

Long-term asset management for detectors, solar CCTV camera gateways and data asset analytics.

Neil Sheffield Commercial Managing Director

We offer a range of services for all your telecoms needs. View our tailored solutions here.

Glanding and Termination for Crossrail/ATC

Elizabeth Line/Crossrail – Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East.

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