Bridge Strike Monitoring

  • Posted by Adam Cousins

L.B. Foster's Bridge Strike Monitoring system is in use with HD CCTV cameras to display on demand both leading edge bridge damage, under beam damage to rivet detail and view a mechanical ‘tell-tale’ which indicates deck displacement from 3mm.

Any reported bridge strike incident requires line speed to be dropped until a bridge engineer inspects the bridge for movement / damage. Fines for delays from train operators can be many £1000’s Operational Safety cannot be compromised meaning structural integrity must be confirmed following strike.

The system has been installed as a pilot across 62 bridges nationwide in the UK for NWR. (Some 434 Axis HD 720 Cameras in total).

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  • Power: Solar, with 4 day autonomy
  • Communications: 3G via a secure VPN
  • Customer Interface: Custom web pages to provide detailed views of structure
  • Control Centre provision

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