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  • Posted by Adam Cousins

A giant leap forward in mobile, always-on digital journey planning for rail passengers is now available from global infrastructure support business L.B. Foster.

Inform Media by L.B. Foster is a comprehensive end-to-end digital information platform that brings together journey planning data feeds from a variety of sources to inform personal and business travel decision making. The integrated hardware and software solution combines the latest in high definition touchscreen technology with tailored data feeds.

Our new Inform Media platform influences, services and enhances the total passenger experience across the whole journey. Personalised, consistent, real-time information is tailored to individual travel requirements wherever and whenever the customer needs it.

Inform Media is driven by an extremely powerful media generator. Due to significant development work on the Inform engine is now able to provide plugin applications that support ‘passenger first’ strategies.

Key Features

  • Mature, fully featured digital signage platform
  • Suitable for advertising and communication with customers, passengers and staff
  • Support for Video (WMV, MPG, Mp4), images (BMP, JPG, PNG) Flash, PowerPoint and live data such as RSS feeds or TV streams

  • Admin interface is web based and allows the system to be fully managed and monitored by approved users
  • System is scalable and multiple organisation structures can be created to ensure messages can be targeted
  • Core content with prioritised incident and information messaging

  • Integrated feeds such as rainbow boards and engineering
  • Software developed, tested and supported in house
  • Hardware supplied, installed and supported

Inform Content

Although the content delivery method is passive, the content itself is by no means. Our scheduling and priority rules allow the right message to be displayed at the right time, from at-a-glance information for busy commuters during rush hour, to more in-depth, contextual information for tourists and leisure passengers. We can trigger content in response to environmental changes and events; everything from warm weather to station evacuations.

Inform Media Software Updates

Inform Media & Inform Messaging are always in development, with new features being added and functionality improved. Some highlights from this latest update include

  • A player status page has been added to the Inform portal to show key information
  • Thumbnails can now be added to webpages to make them easier to find
  • Automatic resizing of large items
  • Tags can now be added to playlists to make them easier to organise.

Full details can be found in our latest software update document below.

If you would like to discuss how you can have any of these features enabled and configured on your tenant, please contact your account manager or e-mail L.B. Foster Software Support at

Download our data sheet or latest Inform Media software updates