Digital Signage

Inform Interactive

Our touchscreen app brings journey, onward travel and other key information to customers’ fingertips .

The Inform interactive digital signage platform is a flexible and easy to use application which interrupts the media playlist to launch when someone touches the screen. With unlimited configuration options for displaying the information, you can tailor the content on each screen to your customers’ needs.

Interactive CIS

The interactive CIS apps let customers access rail, flight and bus departure & arrival times and find the next service departing to their destination with 2 quick taps. Passengers can drill down into the details of the service to see where the vehicle is now and details on any delays or disruption.

Journey Planners

Our journey planning apps let customers find the best service to get them from A to B. Using similar workflows to industry standard planning services, users select times & dates, return journeys and number of travellers to be shown trains or buses that meet their needs.

Once a suitable journey is found, our ticketing links let users seamlessly transition to their mobile device to purchase tickets keeping the transaction within your own ecosystem.


Our mapping options allow simple, static maps of your premises or local area to be shown on screen. For busy areas, the app links out to our Wayfinding solution to show users the best route from A to B.

Transit maps can be added to help with onward travel, from Tube & Metro systems to cycling and leisure walking routes.

For short journeys to local points of interest we hook into Google Maps to provide users with walking directions in a simple, familiar interface that they can take with them on their phone.

Content Library

Our content library app lets you share your posters, videos and web applications with users, digitising a wealth of information to access on demand.

Content can be organised into menus or located with a simple on-screen search function to ensure your customers are always kept up to date.

All of our Inform Apps can be included within the content library to provide dynamic information when users need it most.


Customer opinion is vital for any business to succeed, and our feedback app lets you capture it easily.

From a simple 5-star rating with comments option through to a fully featured Microsoft Form, our interactive app lets you capture your customers’ feelings about their experience and helps us all improve.