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Inform Apps

  • Posted by Adam Cousins

Our purpose-built suite of apps is designed to present information from multiple sources on screens in dynamic and engaging ways.

With Inform, your audience gets the most relevant information from multiple sources in a way that makes sense for them. Just use our content management system to add the apps to your screens, with dynamic information pulling from various sources and presented visually.


CIS information is easily added to playlists, providing passengers with flight, train or bus departure and arrival information, shown with calling points, operator logos and highlighting delays and cancellations. Information is up to date, pulling in data from industry standard feeds.

British Sign Language (BSL) announcements show alongside departure updates to ensure the information is accessible to all passengers.

A-Z boards can be scheduled, showing either the next departing service that calls or terminates at a specific destination, or showing the earliest arriving service.

As more data becomes available in the feeds, such as vehicle configuration, boarding & reservation levels, the CIS pages continue to grow and adapt.

Live Route Maps

Our live route maps are designed to help passengers get the most accurate picture of disruption, delays and cancellations on their route. Our technology interrogates industry standard disruption feeds, making sure passengers can see any issues as soon as they happen.

Affected lines of route are highlighted on screen and related to the current location, allowing passengers to see how disruptions might apply to their journey. Full details of any disruptions are shown on screen along with links to more information.

Our disruption feed app can also present this information without route maps, filtering by location to show only incidents that are relevant to the local area.

Rainbow Boards

Our range of Rainbow Boards are a great solution for showing passengers the status of multiple different routes from multiple different transit operators such as bus companies, airlines, train operating companies and TfL.

Disrupted lines are grouped together and information can be targeted to different screens to show a particular routes on specific days of the week, helping passengers stay right up to date with service disruptions at all times.

British Sign Language (BSL) Messaging

To ensure messages are accessible to all, we can offer BSL translations alongside operational updates. Many people within the Deaf community have BSL as their first language and can find reading text difficult.

We can offer the ability to send out pre-defined translations from a library of messages that we work with you to populate, or enable an on-demand service, turning around translations in as little as 20 minutes.

For more information, please see our dedicated Accessible Communications page.

Engineering Works

While our various disruption messaging apps help your passengers stay up to date when services are cancelled or delayed at short-notice, our engineering works app helps inform them about scheduled maintenance long enough in advance that they can plan accordingly.

We take industry standard engineering feeds and filter information down to show notifications relevant to the local area and date.

Social Media

You already communicate with your customers via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, so why not add those feeds to your screens too? Twitter is an ideal place to keep passengers informed about service levels and disruption and Facebook lets you share marketing and promotional content.

Welcome Boards

Welcome your customers with a dynamic display screen. Our interactive welcome boards provide a focal point on screens to welcome customers into your business.

From a simple “good morning / afternoon” message to a fully dynamic display with local weather conditions, news headlines, and social media posts, the welcome boards will draw customers’ attention immediately and quickly become a familiar routine for checking for updates.