Asset Management & Monitoring

Fingerprint asset maintenance

A bespoke software platform designed for a detailed root cause analysis for engineers, asset guardians and managers

Fingerprint asset maintenance is scalable as a portal for onward operational and personnel data management to help businesses grow and develop.

Users record data on tablets, building a detailed picture of individual asset performance and maintenance. A real time data collector which enables front line staff to make informed decisions. A yardstick for performance measurement and giving one source of truth on Asset Performance

Asset Maintenance is proven in real world reduction of asset defects

Recent projects include a Housing Association Property Services specialist who look after over 220,000 properties. The maintenance teams can now see more detailed property and job history than ever before, all at their fingertips. So when they arrive at a property they can deliver the best service possible for customers and aim to achieve a first time fix.

Being able to see what has been done previously and what’s been fitted helps the client build a clearer picture of the overall issue.

L.B. Foster are different. Not only are the team more agile and responsive than many large software houses, the platform will be delivered by service excellence at all touch points

Damian McCracken Operations Manager

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We tailored our Fingerprint asset maintenance software for property services specialist Liberty Group.