Asset Management & Monitoring

Anatomy Asset Management Platform

Anatomy is a modular SaaS solution which enables a business operation to have a centralised, intelligent view of remote hardware assets. It is highly customisable, enterprise software which provides a single framework for registration of assets, monitoring of data from the assets and reporting. Anatomy is not tied to a single ‘type’ of asset; a single installation can accommodate multiple asset types. Anatomy works in any industry; it can be tailored to fit your company

Anatomy is currently used to manage 1000’s of assets worldwide. It is used internally by L.B. Foster product managers and engineers to review asset data, be alerted to issues and generate reports on their assets.

Any IP device which can send data or having data collected from it can be connected to Anatomy and have its data stored, summarised, analysed and represented in easy to navigate and understand web user interface.

Anatomy can be used for remote performance management (RPM) and remote condition monitoring (RCM). Monitoring the performance and condition of an asset is important for engineers to be confident a remote device is operating within acceptable limits and identify devices which are not operating within normal limits. Anatomy assesses the data from the device upon ingestion for issues and raises alerts to users where closer inspection and action may be required.

Data ingestion can be via many methods, FTP, IOT, API to name a few. Our handshake services translate your propriety data format into a common format for use in Anatomy. Once in Anatomy, the data is stored and available to explore and overlay.

Custom dashboards can be created from your data, showing key performance information and alerts from your assets. The dashboards can be linked to events, metrics, KPIs and alerts from your assets, enabling a quick overview of your asset estate and a drill through into specific issues identified in the dashboard. Anatomy also supports video integration, enabling a live view from remote cameras and DVRs and collection of remote pre-recorded video footage. Event and alarms can be combined with video footage so supporting imagery can be combined with incidents as they occur.

Anatomy Features:

  • Web portal
  • Brandable
  • Per user authentication
  • Asset registration & management
  • Asset list, filtering, searching, ordering with pre-saved filters
  • Asset import and export
  • Asset segregation to 4 levels (Company, Region, Site, Department)
  • Asset categorisation to 3 levels (Family, Category, Type)
  • Asset workflow and data presentation relational to Asset Type
  • Asset detail view(s)
  • Asset dashboard
  • Dashboard Designer
  • Aggregated Dashboards
  • Asset parenting hierarchy
  • Client management
  • Contract management
  • User management
  • Role and data audience management for users
  • Comprehensive administration & configuration interface
  • Map location overlays
  • Asset Alarms
  • Asset Alerts
  • Asset data ingestion & processing
  • Asset metric display (tabular and graphical)
  • Custom layout & form designer
  • Supporting architecture and logic to enable scale out / up
  • Data retention / GDPR management
  • Audit trail