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New Animation Reveals Inform Media’s Full Functionality

A new short promotional film has been released today which explores the full functionality of L.B. Foster’s Inform Media software solution for mobile disruption messaging on the UK’s transit networks.

The two and a half minute duration film includes a short animation that demonstrates how Inform Media’s software focuses on the total journey line. This is based on a detailed analysis of actual passenger journeys, identifying critical touchpoints at which information is accessed in a variety of transit hubs - from rail to air, as well as in passenger terminals.

In addition to animation, the film draws on live film of Inform Media in use at the launch of TransPennine Express’ new Nova train fleet at Liverpool Lime Street station and at London Waterloo.

Damian McCracken is L.B. Foster’s operations manager responsible for the delivery of Inform Media. He says: “Inform Media is driven by an extremely powerful media generator, which provides plug-in applications that support ‘passenger first’ strategies. The film shows the wide range of applications, from visualised route maps to enhanced wayfinding and mapping tools, as well as social media and disruption information.

“The new explainer film brings to life the full potential of Inform Media, along with the Inform hardware range of mobile and fixed screens. Inform hardware combines the latest in high definition, touchscreens with mobile, wireless and rechargeable technologies.”

Damian McCracken, Operations Manager, L.B. Foster