Track Components

Track fastenings

  • Posted by Lex Smith

Our comprehensive range of high performance, high-quality track components are safety critical and deliver peace of mind performance in the most demanding conditions.

We offer the largest dedicated stock holding of high-quality railway track fastenings. Many of the fasteners we supply are safety critical and must function in the most testing of environments. Controls on the supply of all rail fastenings are rigid.


We supply a comprehensive range of screwspikes for use in either wood or concrete, which can be supplied with either square or rectangular heads as follows:

  • Diameters: M20 to M24 or ¾” to 1”
  • Lengths: Up to 300mm or 12”
  • Finish: Self-colour, galvanized, sheradized or to suit customer specific requirements.

Fishbolts and Nuts

We stock a comprehensive range of fishbolts and nuts in a variety of lengths, head shapes and diameters:

  • Diameters: M16 to M27 or ¾” to 1.1/6”
  • Grade: V Grade (10.9) or R Grade (5.6)
  • Lengths: As required
  • Finish: Self-colour

  • Square Round c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Square Square c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Pear c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Pan Pear c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Oval c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Nib c/w Hex Nuts

We also stock a complementary range of flat washers, through hardened washers and spring washers. Plain nuts, self locking nuts and collared nuts are also available.

Switch and Crossing Bolts

Switch and crossing bolts form a key component of L.B. Foster Rail Technologies’ rail fastening range:

  • Diameters: M24 to M27 or 15/16” to 1.1/6”
  • Grade: V Grade (10.9)
  • Lengths: Up to 1000mm (40”)
  • Finish: Self-colour

  • Square Round c/w Square Nuts
  • Thin Head Square Round c/w Square Nuts
  • Top Hat c/w Square Nuts
  • Hex Round c/w Square Nuts -Tee Head c/w Square or Hex Nuts.
Other Rail Fastenings

We supply a wide variety of customer specific or non-standard rail fastenings including;

  • Fang Bolts
  • Insulated Shank Fishbolts
  • Muckle Bolts & Brown Studs
  • Through Bolts
  • Stretcher Bar Bolts.