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EWOS® switch lock

  • Posted by Lex Smith

The EWOS® switch lock by L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is a class-leading, wear-free locking mechanism for rail switches, incorporating a unique, built-in roller system.

Our unique EWOS® switch lock system means lubrication of the switch locking mechanism is no longer required. Switch transitions are made using rollers, resulting in a smooth, even running movement which eliminates the wear associated with sliding friction.

The simplicity of the EWOS® switch lock makes assembly and adjustment significantly easier, whilst its wear-free performance means inspection intervals can be extended up to two years.


  • Economical and low maintenance due to extended inspection intervals of up to two years
  • No lubrication required
  • Protects the drive unit from actuating power surges
  • Quick installation and set-up without the need for additional drilling
  • Trailable without damaging the components
  • Tolerant of ± 25mm longitudinal rail movement
  • Switch lock can be quickly retrofitted on almost all points without major expense using existing holes drilled in the rail

Download our datasheet: