Total Friction Management

Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM™)

  • Posted by Jackie Butterfield

L.B. Foster’s Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM™) system provides immediate, intuitive insight into the current status of the operation and performance of friction management assets.

RPM™ is a powerful tool that provides customers with the capability to monitor and report uptime, maintenance concerns and refilling requirements, in order to proactively manage the equipment installed on track more efficiently.

To make the most of your friction management program, systems need to operate at maximum uptime. The ability to ‘monitor’ assets is seen as an immediate cost benefit by Network Rail and introducing RPM™ 2.0 to your friction management program allows you to make informed decisions about your maintenance cycle, ensuring field assets perform at their best, protecting track and wheel wear. RPM™ can also be retrofitted to existing L.B. Foster units in the field.


L.B. Foster’s RPM™ is a purpose built platform to help achieve a successfully implemented and maintained friction management program giving benefits that include:-

  • extended rail life
  • reduced track damaging forces
  • reduced rolling contact fatigue
  • improved fuel economy

RPM™ is a major leap forward that delivers actionable intelligence on your FM program and promises improved return on investment, better performance and enhanced decision making.

Read our full datasheet here