Total Friction Management

KOB Autopilot

  • Posted by Lex Smith

KELTRACK® ON BOARD (KOB) AUTOPILOT is a mobile top-of-rail application system.

KELTRACK® ON BOARD (KOB) AUTOPILOT is a mobile top-of-rail application system. This advanced technology is installed onboard a freight car or locomotive and applies KELTRACK® friction modifiers to the wheel/rail interface.

The AUTOPILOT system uses GPS control to automatically adjust product application rates to optimise the friction levels at the wheel/rail interface. This flexible control technology can incorporate geo-fencing, as well as normal operating inputs, to create a customised application strategy. Our mobile systems are customised specifically to fit any car or locomotive and aim to maximise tank volume capacity.

The AUTOPILOT system is also supported by Remote Performance Monitoring (RPM) technology. RPM is a powerful tool that lets customers manage critical control settings, ensuring optimal performance. It proactively manages the lubrication equipment by monitoring and reporting uptime, maintenance concerns and refilling requirements. The technology also facilitates advanced maintenance and filling programmes, predicting when equipment is due to arrive at the maintenance site so refilling can be completed within typical yard dwell times keeping your network operations on schedule.


  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Increases Rail Life
  • Increases Track Structure Life
  • Reduces Lateral Forces
  • Reduces Derailment Potential
  • Reduces Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions.