Total Friction Management

KELTRACK® top of rail friction modifier

  • Posted by Lex Smith

Our high-performance, top of rail friction modifier is the original water-based solution to top of rail issues.

KELTRACK® top of rail friction modifier’s laboratory developed, field-tested formula controls friction without adversely affecting traction and braking.

KELTRACK® friction modifiers possess positive friction properties – where friction levels increase asymptotically as creep increases. This fundamental property of a true friction modifier is responsible for mitigating stick-slip oscillations at the wheel/rail interface, which cause wheel squeal. The inherent intermediate friction levels also reduce the flanging forces, thus reducing flange noise. Extensive testing has verified that KELTRACK® is also very effective for mitigating the onset of short pitch corrugations.


  • Reduced wheel and flange noise
  • Reduced rail corrugations
  • Reduced lateral forces
  • Reduced derailment potential.

Download our KELTRACK datasheet: