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Hydraulic Lubricators

  • Posted by Dora Szucs

Our range of hydraulic lubricators provides an economic and effective method for distributing grease to the rail.

Our PW Series hydraulic lubricator offers a number of specific advantages over mechanical lubricators. These lubricators can be embedded into the ballast in high traffic areas with restricted space such as stations and tunnels.

You can read more in our Case Study for Waterloo station’s lubrication upgrade here or download a copy below.


The PW Series hydraulic system withstands shock loading, especially at high speed.


The PW Series grease chamber is constructed of robust fabricated steel for enhanced protection and performance.


The PW Series grease chamber can be sited up to 3.5m away from the track, for increased operator safety and security.

Grease Pump

A foot operated pedal is provided for rapid pumping of grease system during installation and refilling. Positive displacement with easiliy removable filtered inlet and outlet non-return valves for maintenance. The PW Series is fixed directly to housing on reservoir side-wall.


Grease output can be controlled by a regulator valve on the side of the grease pump, which is fixed conveniently to the side of the grease container.

Grease Capacity

Available in:

  • 12.5kg
  • 37.5kg
  • 50.0kg
  • 75.0kg


Our PW Series is available as a Single or Dual Rail version for one hand or both hand curves. It is also available as a check rail version.


The PW Series requires no special pumps. Filling is carried out by simply discharging grease from pails direct into the grease container.