KELSAN® wheel tread friction modifier - HPF

  • Posted by Lex Smith

Our Kelsan® HPF (High Positive Friction) Solid Stick Top of Rail friction modifier is applied directly to the wheel treads of the rail vehicle.

We offer a range of innovative, proprietary solutions to control friction between the wheel and the rail for transit and freight rail industries. These solutions serve to reduce, increase or control friction at the wheel and rail interface in order to reduce costs and improve performance. One solution is our solid stick friction product range, which is simple to use, clean and environmentally safe.

Kelsan® HPF Solid Stick Top of Rail (TOR) friction modifier provides a micron-thick ‘thin film’ layer between the wheel tread and the top of the rail. This provides a friction level of 0.35 (µ) on the wheel and rail interface of the rail system.

HPF On Board Sticks are applied using a spring-loaded bracket and applicator assembly, specifically designed and built for each customer. The bracket and applicator assembly is attached to the bogie frame of the rail vehicle.


  • Reduces wear in the wheel/rail interface
  • Clean and environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduces lateral forces.

Download our KELSAN datasheet: