Rail (Quality-assurance)

Quality Assurance

Our software doesn't hit production until it's been thoroughly tested.

We’re obsessive about testing, and continually build out our own in-house testing framework. From unit tests to end-to-end functional tests, we take a thoughtful approach to ensure the software we produce is robust and reliable.

We employ an extensive QA process to ensure high quality software before release. Our experienced, ISTQB certified team build test plans that take into account your business processes and goals, and our mix of automated and manual testing ensures maximum coverage.

To ensure your software is of the highest quality and reliability, a user acceptance phase is the last checkpoint before we deliver anything to production. We will work hand-in-hand with your team to simulate real world scenarios and edge cases so that we can verify our product meets all your requirements.

Our Agile delivery approach allows us to find a balance between rapid deployment and high quality. Bugs will be logged and graded in priority according to their frequency and impact. Bug fix cycles are kept short, so that when the change is committed, we deliver value quickly, then move on to the next iteration.