Rail (Perimeter-and-intruder-detection)

Perimeter and intruder detection

  • Posted by Adam Cousins

Detection systems, sometimes called PIDS, are normally an integration of many detector devices responding to intruders. All data is fed back to security services or a control centre.

Organisations use perimeter security not only for the safety of their staff and employees, but to control the flow of visitors and authorised contractors to a site, as well as to protect vital infrastructure from vandals and intruders

Property owners and organizations of all sizes use various technology devices to achieve varying degrees of perimeter security. LB Foster keep sites safe by integrating trip devices, scanners, CCTV and Video Surveillance into one holistic platform including control centre & security serves notification.

For remote solutions, LB Foster range of fully wireless solar powered gateway cameras provide the operation powerful evidential footage for detection & prosecution, where power or data is may not be available as cabled infrastructure


  • Integrating the finest detector devices
  • control centre delivery
  • wireless & cables less solutions
  • HD ready devices -day & night
  • in-house detector solutions