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Mosaic Mimic Systems Subklew SM24

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The Subklew SM24 is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading Mosaic Mimic System. The mosaic mimic system still provides the most cost effective solution for process display in many 24/7/365 control and visualisation applications.

Mosaic is well proven, providing a secure and robust engineered solution, giving total confidence to plant and control room operators. With minimal routine maintenance required, lifetime ownership costs are kept to a minimum.

Our clients benefit from a programme of lifetime support that ensures their installation can be modified, extended or upgraded in line with their changing operational needs.

The Subklew Mosaic Mimic System from L.B. Foster is still the best available and has maintained its engineering integrity in precision and quality since the day it was launched over 40 years ago


A key benefit of the system is the ease of future modification. Devices may be added or removed to the demands of the user, with the mosaic always maintaining a high quality appearance.

  • non-reflective surface
  • non-flammable/self extinguishing
  • anti-static
  • non toxic
  • halogen free
  • complete with range of annunciators, instruments and control devices

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Mosaic mimic systems

  • Posted by Adi Shah

L.B. Foster provide the control & display hardware to display data for the signalman.

L.B. Foster provide the control & display hardware to display data for the signalman. This can be in the form of the visual display at the signal control centre indicating the current status of a railway network. A schematic plan of the railway will be illuminated to indicate which routes are set and to show the current position of trains. Other indications display the on/off state of signals, the entrance and exit signals for routes and sometimes the position in which points switches. Many Signal Control Centres use a Mosaic Mimic System, traditionally identified as the “domino”, “tiled” or “mosaic” system.

L.B. Foster manufacture the World’s leading Mosaic Mimic System; Subklew SM24. The system which shows in/out display for train movement, built over 24mm or 48mm tiles. Incorporating indicators, annunciators and pushbuttons, the system enables the user to clearly see and interact with the live information. As always, the system is for mission critical environments where 24/7/365 operation is essential.

A mosaic mimic panel for rail showing train lines and stations connected by coloured lines

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