Rail (Glued-insulated-joint-kits)

Glued insulated joint kits

  • Posted by Lex Smith

Our glued insulated joint kits are designed to allow for local rail fastening methods employed in and around the intended installation site.

Our joint kit design is adapted to accommodate variable sleeper spacing, optimising the strength of the joint whatever the preferred fastening method. Kits are available for workshop or site installation applications and are manufactured in four or six hole designs to suit any rail section, either to our existing technical specifications or to bespoke customer requirements.

Workshop Glued Joint Kits

Kits supplied for workshop applications are pre-assembled with a high strength insulating layer bonded to the web and fishing angle faces. Bolt-holes are also insulated using epoxy bushings providing superior compressive strength performance.

Workshop glued joint kits are manufactured in a wide variety of steel grades and insulating materials, all of which are chosen to suit the conditions of the intended track application. All workshop glued joint kits are based around a wedge fit design providing the optimum strength to the finished assembly. Workshop kits are supplied with either multiple groove locking pins and collars or high tensile threaded fasteners based on an assessment of the customer’s requirements.

Kits are supplied to workshops for bonding to rail and can be supplied with rapid or slower curing toughened epoxy resin systems. The epoxy resin can be provided in either individual cartridges or bulk packaging complete with suitable metering equipment for accurate mixing and dispensing of the resin.