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Inform Totem

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Battery powered fully mobile display with wireless technology designed for indoor and outdoor operation. Launched as the first of INFORM by L.B. Foster’s unique display Systems, the INFORM mobile display is a completely self-contained solution to mobile information.

Using the latest in high definition video displays, the system is capable of running for 24 hours at maximum brightness on a single charge from its built-in batteries.

Integrated Wifi and 3G/4G mobile communications allow this unique display to connect to a variety of information systems to meet your media display requirements.

The INFORM mobile All-weather Wireless Display is part of the INFORM by L.B. Foster Display System range that incorporates fixed and mobile high definition display solutions. These include fixed totems and wall mounted displays, with options for integrated touch screen technology.

A Truly Mobile Solution

  • Fully mobile single-sided totem designed to go through standard doorway with lockable wheels and chain facility for extra security. This ensures accurate digital information can be delivered anywhere at any time with increased customer viewability with no restrictions on where a unit is deployed.

Exceptional Battery Life

  • Not constrained by having the unit plugged in, the 24 hrs battery life ensures that customers can be informed in remote locations on a station environment or anywhere the unit is deployed and gives the operator confidence that information is being displayed when needed.

Wireless, 3/4G Comms

  • Real time information can be delivered to customers in locations where there is no Wi-Fi or fixed communications available by utilising mobile technologies. This is especially important when service disruption is occurring as pertinent travel information can be displayed and fed to the units no matter where they are placed.

Inform Media

  • Connect, manage and control with our unique digital media solution. This allows local staff to manage content that is specific to a station or incident - Information such as local taxi, bus, services information can be displayed quickly to help better inform customers.
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Customer information systems

L.B. Foster’s software development delivers delivers information to passengers and visitors, where and when they need it most. Pioneering technology, keeping people informed and connected.

At L.B. Foster we have a strategy for influencing, servicing and enhancing the visitor experience across their whole journey with personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it.. Delivered to the point of contact such as kiosk screen, totems or wall mounted displays, Digital ProMedia is a robust, mission critical platform that can send all forms of media including text, video, emergency messaging and operational presentations to unlimited number of sites & multi-screen locations.

L.B. Foster Netpractise have a comprehensive Operational Information System which was rolled across across the UK Rail Network of over 479 stations. All managed & installed by L.B. Foster including director software delivering media to each individual screen 24/7

Solutions include Operational Information Systems, allowing train operators to deliver staff and passenger information at any time including disruption, real time timetables, long term warnings of works or disruption . Customer Information systems giving passengers and visitors real time information,arrivals/departures, Darwin feed and other TOC enabled data. enhancing their experience

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Enhancing the passenger experience across their whole journey with personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it. Delivered by pioneering technology, keeping passengers informed and connected.

A concept originally driven by the Crossrail project, L.B. Foster’s SmartStation responded to comprehensive market research via reports for TfL, Crossrail, RSSB, and Deutsche Bahn.

The concept is simple - information on screen displays, whether fixed in stations or on handheld devices, should be relaying real time information that is relevant to the passenger at their point of the journey and limited to their current situation.

The key information surrounds disruption notification so passengers have choice on services and trains. Also incorporating multi modal transport, SmartStation software integrates other sources of real time data from busses, cycle hire, taxis and destination status.


  • Specific information for the individual
  • Hierarchy planned information and display types
  • Fully integrating multi modal transport & feeds
  • End to end journey information, from home to destination
  • Consistent tone of voice
  • Easy to integrate
Anthony Thompson Sales Manager


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Disruption management

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Passengers need to make choices where planned journeys are disrupted. L.B. Foster Inform wireless, mobile totem allows operators to inform their customers with information at the actual point of disruption.

Unfortunately, trains do not always run on time due to unexpected events. Examples are infrastructure malfunctions, rolling stock breakdowns, accidents, and weather conditions. Such events are called disruptions.

Inform by L.B. Foster are part of a range of solutions using pioneering technology in screen display hardware & easy to use content management software.


  • Disruption information in real time
  • information at the point of choice
  • mobile and wireless
  • end to end journey information, from home to destination
  • full display options and integrated feeds (Darwin etc).

Abellio totem trial

In June 2018 Abellio conducted a live information trial using our innovative wireless totem to display up the minute disruption notices. View our video below.

“We’ve trialled a range of different information on L.B. Foster’s mobile totem, including live departure information, wayfinding, station information and video for customers showing the improvement work which is taking place on the railway during this closure. “The feedback from customers and our staff has been really positive and we’re grateful to L.B. Foster for working with us to bring this trial to fruition.”

Paul O'Bentley, Business Support Manager, ARR (Abellio Rail Replacement)

LED Displays

  • Posted by Anthony Thompson

L.B. Foster supply a range of innovative LED displays that suit all environments. Including features such as high brightness, colour choice, variable character sets.

Available in standard size units, designed for the rail network, L.B. Foster display include brackets, structures, mountings. We also include installation Telecoms connections & cabling ensuring full project delivery.

New to our range are Clear or Transparent LEDs, providing full colour displays behind or as an integral part of glazings and building fabrics.


  • Full colour
  • any media player aligned
  • high visibility
  • competitively priced
  • full turnkey project capability, install, comms, maintain.

Wall mounted touch screen display

  • Posted by Anthony Thompson

Passengers now have a wealth of up to the minute information at their fingertips by simply touching the screen to reveal a menu designed around the needs of a typical traveller.

The system enables the rail operator to provide direct, up to the second train information to passengers in a user friendly, speedy, innovative way whilst maintaining their brand identity. The scrolling banner enables additional information to be tailored to the specific needs of that day. Allowing the passengers to independently and proactively find information enables the rail operator to utilise the skills of station personnel more effectively

Two women and two men stand around a large touchscreen in a train station
Birmingham New Street touch screen display

Intuitive and simple menu systems enable passengers to select relevant information in seconds, reducing the inconvenience of approaching station staff or searching on a smartphone device. The system eliminates the need to plan journeys in advance and provides flexibility to change plans at a moment’s notice.


  • Easy to use
  • real time information
  • accessible display
  • multimedia options
  • branding opportunities

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