Rail (Business-consultancy)

Business Consultancy

Understanding your customer is key to developing great software.

Every customer is different. This means they all have different needs and expectations. You might think that one product can fulfil every need and has no limitations but that’s not true. If you’re designing a product, you should understand and analyse your customers’ requirements first before thinking of any features.

We understand that it’s our job to understand the challenges you face and provide the solutions, so we start with a workshop to define your expectations.

Our experienced teams captures and documents requirements to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model to ensure the earliest delivery which hits all your must-haves and begins a roadmap for onward development and enhancements.

Additional requirements and expectations are captured with a MOSCOW model to define which features Must, Should, Could and Won’t be included.

We review our specifications and designs with you regularly to give you the confidence that what we develop will be in line with your expectations.