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Our performance critical rail technology solutions fulfil an essential role in maintaining the safe, secure and reliable daily operation of rail networks across Europe.

With Centres of Excellence in Sheffield and Herne, Northern Germany, we are part of a global business that delivers a specialist, end-to-end service to the European rail sector.

Our solutions include Rail Lubrication, Friction Modification and Track Enhancement. All our solutions in these three areas, whether applied on the track by trackside equipment or applications on-board the train itself will offer immediate benefits to operators.

These include reduced noise, improved fuel efficiency, protection of rail assets or extended asset life.

  • 650

    Per cent increase in asset life on Network Rail switch blades, following application of KELTRACK TOR friction modifier

  • 52

    Specially designed, high capacity PROTECTOR® IV electric lubricators manage friction and rail lubrication on the new Elizabeth line

  • 3

    Wheel life has been extended on three Prague Metro Lines following the application of L.B. Foster’s LCF Solid Stick on-board lubricant system

  • 5

    Agreed five year exclusive sales and distribution rights for L.B. Foster’s wheel flange lubrication systems and related consumable products with Knorr-Bremse.

We are Europe’s top manufacturer of dry mechanical insulated joint kits and are a leading supplier to Network Rail.

Track Components

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is a world leading supplier of high-quality track components, including insulated joints, track fastenings, rail joints, fixings, anchors and accessories.

We have an unrivalled knowledge of rail joints for passenger rail networks and our portfolio includes a range of heavy-duty joints for freight and high traffic environments.

  • Extensive knowledge of specialist track work design and manufacture
  • Vast experience of international railroads, from heavy haul to commuter and transit
  • In-house product development and research facility
  • Rigorous testing of the assembled product
  • Multiple rail section availability
  • Expansive stock range in core products
Our dedicated field service and technical support staff will help determine the best solution for your specific application.

After Sales Support

As part of an after-sales support contract, our dedicated field service and technical experts provide comprehensive customer support. We produce a detailed product specification and determine the method and best location for applying friction management principles. We also undertake direct installation of equipment or train your own staff to effectively install and maintain the equipment supplied.

Friction management

Total Friction Management (TFM™) is the systematic assessment and implementation of friction control, combined with the technology to monitor, maintain and manage friction to achieve short and long-term performance benefits.

Jonathan Paragreen General Manager FM - Europe

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Track components

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK), with its Coronet brand, is established as Europe’s foremost manufacturer of dry mechanical insulated joint kits.

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