What's it really like to work for L.B. Foster?

As part of our new vision and values engagement work, it’s been fantastic to hear from Carla Dent who’s been with us for a short time and works as a Project Manager at the Rail Technologies offices in Sheffield.

Always forward thinking

At L.B. Foster Europe we are always looking to forge partnerships with brands and businesses that share our goals and ambitions. These are win-win collaborations that bring together expertise and capability to deliver excellence for customers.

Whitechapel on the move

As part of the Crossrail project, the Whitechapel station is undergoing a major remodelling to accommodate the new Elizabeth line.

Track to the power of three

L.B. Foster is developing a cost-effective friction management solution for dual gauge track applications. Here we look at a project in Brazil.

End-to-end solutions

We are on a mission to make things simpler and more intuitive for our customers. We are doing that by creating inspirational engineering solutions that work across our businesses.

Leaves on the line, fact or friction?

Is the idea of ‘leaves on the line’ a myth perpetuated by the press or a mission-critical issue for the rail network? Now our Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) is attracting attention from network operators and owners alike

Rocks on the line

L.B. Foster Control & Display LIDAR solution used to detect rockfall and avalanche in North America

Pallet Handling - A revolution in innovation

A new marketing campaign promoting our innovative debander solutions is now running across the food and beverage industry.

Liberty keeps house in order

Liberty implements L.B. Foster Fingerprint solution for all its asset management needs.