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Whilst we may not readily be recognised as a software solutions business, our team at L.B. Foster Netpractise provides an intellectual and skills technology capability that is being applied and adapted across our business.

Take Inform by L.B. Foster, our mobile disruption management information display totem. Here we combine the manufacturing innovation and design expertise of our Control & Display Solutions business with the technology of Netpractise to deliver a wireless, mobile display that gets messages to customers and travellers when and where it is needed. Graham Kett is Technical Operations Manager at L.B. Foster Netpractise. He observes: “More and more you are seeing the innovative application of information technology to deliver better solutions for customers, particularly in communications.

“Inform is a great example. We’ve used wireless, mobile technology, combined with great mechanical and electrical engineering, to create a solution that is disrupting the traditional, fixed visual communications market place.”