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Fifteen million and counting

When considering the big numbers, with over 15 million sold, it’s clear that KELSAN® Solid Stick friction management solution by L.B. Foster is the world’s leading system for reducing wear at the wheel/rail interface.

The KELSAN® system is a 100% dry, onboard, self-regulating solution for passenger and freight rail environments.

The system consists of (hardware) applicators and friction management consumables for applications including:

  • Wheel flange lubrication
  • top of rail/wheel tread treatment.

KELSAN® Solid Stick friction management solutions are individually designed for each vehicle application. Our team of technical specialists is trained and familiar with multiple vehicle types and designs and tests each system to meet the exacting needs of the onboard rail environment. All designs are supported with 3D modelling and robust Finite Element Analysis (FEA), replicating real-world forces, vibration and other physical effects before systems are fitted to vehicles. Solid Stick friction management solutions are applied via a vehicle mounted, spring-loaded applicator and bracket assembly, which intelligently applies friction modifier to the wheel when it is needed, providing a constant thin-film that delivers excellent network protection. All hardware in Europe is manufactured and accredited to EN15085.