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Don't leaf it too late!

Be ready for Autumn and order now - reduce disruption and keep your world moving with 2019 ALLEVIATE® Traction Enhancer.

In the autumn, loss of traction is caused by seasonal leaf fall with leaves covering the running rails, creating a slippery surface. Throughout the year there are certain areas of track where traction is an issue such as wet rail syndrome or where vehicles have to travel up inclines/declines. Both these adhesion issues can result in train delays, operational disruption and wheel damage. ALLEVIATE® delivers superior performance and traction.


  • Fewer operational safety related problems
  • Reduced risk of signals passed at danger
  • Fewer station overruns
  • Less train delays and improved reliability
  • Less risk to vehicle headways
  • Reduced risk of track circuit failures
  • Fewer wheel flats
  • Enhanced braking and traction capability
  • Leaf film broken down

Don’t want delays? Then order today.

Seasonal production of ALLEVIATE® has begun. Order yours now and be prepared for the Autumn weather. Email Tony McEwen or call 0114 2562225

The BBC produced an informative piece on the cause and effect of leaves on the line - see below.

And now for the technical bit:

Our new formula ALLEVIATE® has been scientifically developed in partnership with The University of Sheffield for use in the L.B. Foster Rail Technologies’ TGA3, as well as other systems such as Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs).

The formulation of ALLEVIATE® is supported by extensive analysis at all stages of the development project, including field trials, laboratory study and performance testing on the SUROS twin disk machine at the University of Sheffield.

Download our data sheet for more info