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New video released to explore the technology used in our Flood Monitoring System

L.B. Foster’s Flood Monitoring System incorporates a smart, online customer interface which is accessed via a web browser, client application (free issue) or smart phone application.

Take a look at our brand new video explaining how the Flood Monitoring System is designed to enable designated administrators to access the flood monitoring system’s remote cameras for one hour while the system is in an alarm state.

L.B. Foster’s Flood Monitoring System is part of our Total Track Monitoring™ solution. It applies technology to accurately identify water levels “down to the inch.”

A wireless in-line flood pole lets users set alarm responses at various depths. The alarms are activated at levels predetermined by customers. When flood water reaches the alarm level, nearby solar-powered cameras are triggered and zoom in for a live view of the area that generated the alarm. This initiates a customer emergency response. The live feed is delivered immediately to the customer via a web portal showing actual flood depths.

The Flood Monitoring System also issues notifications when the water has receded, providing trains with safe passage through the once-flooded area.

Many flood detecting devices in place use a float mechanism, live in water, and because they are prone to sediment build-up, require ample maintenance.

Our flood monitoring technology combines advanced internal know-how and sophisticated external sensing, ensuring system longevity and cost-effective maintenance over time.

Dr Mark Aston, Chief Technical Officer, L. B. Foster Europe

L.B. Foster’s Flood Monitoring System is currently installed on a number of Class I railroad lines in the US, where simulated flood tests have shown impressive results, alerting customers within two minutes from the start of water testing to the alarm being delivered digitally.

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