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L.B. Foster presented with Rolls-Royce Award

L.B. Foster is extremely proud to receive a prestigious award alongside Brown & Holmes from Rolls-Royce Submarines.

The ‘Supplier Recognition and Appreciation Award’ was presented to Pete Toseland and Dawn Shaw, L.B. Foster, by Jill Polisena and Paul Sims from Rolls-Royce.

Pete Toseland, Operations Manager, L.B. Foster TEW Engineering says: “We have been working in partnership with Brown & Holmes to provide a range of electrical and mechanical services supporting the stringent quality and excellence requirements demanded by Rolls-Royce.

“With our history working in the nuclear sector alongside our partners, we continue to provide high quality, mission critical solutions including the production of simulator control panels and displays.”

Rolls-Royce Submarines provide frontline support across the world for Royal Navy submarine reactor plant equipment from its Operations Centre in Derby. The company and its partners are involved with reactor cores, primary systems pipework and valves, major vessels, and electronic control systems, as well as secondary equipment, including turbo-generators and propulsors.

L-R: Pete Toseland and Dawn Shaw, L.B. Foster, with Jill Polisena and Paul Sims from Rolls-Royce