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Informing customers at Colchester

When travellers experience disruption and delays on the railways it’s a source of constant irritation, especially when there’s no way of finding helpful information quickly. That’s where Inform by L.B. Foster comes into its own.

ARR, part of the Abellio Group, ran a live trial of our fully mobile, wireless, battery powered portable disruption management information totem at Colchester station. Lisa Brown, Innovation and Development Support Manager at ARR explains: “Rail Replacement operations mean that ARR needs to look to provide customer information in areas of the station that would not traditionally have it, such as at service bus stops outside the station at Colchester. “We needed an information solution which was portable, would work outdoors and allows us to customise information to each station. Inform by L.B. Foster met all those needs and so we’re undertaking a live trial on station.”

“We’ve trialed a range of different information on L.B. Foster’s mobile totem, including live departure information, wayfinding, station information and video for customers showing the improvement work which is taking place on the railway during this closure. The feedback from customers and our staff has been really positive and we’re grateful to L.B. Foster for working with us to bring this trial to fruition.”

Paul O’Bentley, Business Support Manager, ARR