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Pallet Handling - A revolution in innovation

At L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling, our debander solutions include custom-designed machines that remove pallet retaining straps both vertically and horizontally. Straps are located automatically, cut, removed and shredded for recycling.

The many benefits of debanders include increased safety at work for operatives, improved efficiency and enhanced responsibility concerning plastic recycling.

Alex Morgan, Technical Sales, L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling says: “What we want to do is raise awareness of an engineering solution that really impacts on the bottom line efficiency of businesses handling large numbers of pallets with retaining straps.”

Not only does the debander make life easier for the operative who has to manually remove straps using a blade; debanders increase safety as the straps are often under a great deal of pressure and, when released, can cause whiplash injuries.

Alex Morgan, Technical Sales, L.B. Foster

“The debander also removes and macerates removed straps, which can then be recycled. Add to that increased throughput and the benefits of investing in a fully automated solution makes sound business sense.”