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Our innovative bumper assembly equipment allows customers to fully control the assembly, testing and data logging of front and rear vehicle bumpers, whilst ensuring no degradation occurs to the bumper surface.

Bumper assembly equipment is just one of a range of fully automated solutions that we design, manufacture, install and commission for the automotive industry.

Our extensive portfolio includes:

  • tailgate assembly
  • exhaust leak testing
  • chassis drill and tap
  • rubber door seals
  • wheel and tyre handling
  • headliner assembly
  • automotive trim.

Adrian Pryce, Sales Manager at L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling, explains: “We are an approved supplier to Tier 1 and 2 supply chain partners in the automotive sector. End clients include Jaguar Landrover and BMW.

“Our expert team of design engineers at our Automation Centre of Excellence in Nottingham understand intimately the demands and challenges of delivering into this market and the importance of building in fail-safes that give customers the reassurance of quality and reliability in-service.

“Alongside that, our intelligent bumper assembly solutions make use of high-tech multi sensor, radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning, vision checking and pick by light systems. These deliver accuracy and quality time and time over - an essential for a just-in-time manufacturing environment where every second counts.“

For more information contact Adrian Pryce, Sales Manager