Glued insulated joint kits

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Our glued insulated joint kits are designed to allow for local rail fastening methods employed in and around the intended installation site.

Our joint kit design is adapted to accommodate variable sleeper spacing, optimising the strength of the joint whatever the preferred fastening method. Kits are available for workshop or site installation applications and are manufactured in four or six hole designs to suit any rail section, either to our existing technical specifications or to bespoke customer requirements.

Workshop Glued Joint Kits

Kits supplied for workshop applications are pre-assembled with a high strength insulating layer bonded to the web and fishing angle faces. Bolt-holes are also insulated using epoxy bushings providing superior compressive strength performance.

Workshop glued joint kits are manufactured in a wide variety of steel grades and insulating materials, all of which are chosen to suit the conditions of the intended track application. All workshop glued joint kits are based around a wedge fit design providing the optimum strength to the finished assembly. Workshop kits are supplied with either multiple groove locking pins and collars or high tensile threaded fasteners based on an assessment of the customer’s requirements.

Kits are supplied to workshops for bonding to rail and can be supplied with rapid or slower curing toughened epoxy resin systems. The epoxy resin can be provided in either individual cartridges or bulk packaging complete with suitable metering equipment for accurate mixing and dispensing of the resin.

Dry insulated joints

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Insulated rail joints are required to determine the position of the train for the purpose of safe signal control. Our range is class leading.

Using a high strength steel core, which is encapsulated using an injection moulding process, ensures a close tolerance finished product that delivers an accurate fit on site.

We are one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of dry-mechanical insulated joint kits, promoted under the Coronet brand.


Our innovative Coronet joint has been specially engineered to offer substantial benefits over existing dry-mechanical insulated joint systems. It has a unique design that delivers the following benefits:


Delivers improved mechanical performance and electrical resistance, even after water immersion. Through better-engineered fit of components and a unique waveform to the web face of the fishplate.


Improved metallurgy of the steel core.


Manufactured by injection moulding around a precision machined steel core the Coronet Joint achieves tighter dimensional tolerance control than any other dry mechanical insulated joint on the market.


Designed for ease of use and rapid on-site assembly. Optimum performance from dry-mechanical joints is achieved when they are installed as a system. This involves accurate cutting/drilling of rails, correct assembly and tightening of the fastenings, followed by periodic inspection of the bolt torque settings.

Much work has been done recently to improve the accuracy of the holes being drilled in rails, this work has focussed both on hole diameter and positioning. This, however, is only of benefit if the insulated joint being used can replicate this improved accuracy. In drilling trials where both new and worn rails were drilled to accept dry-mechanical joints, Coronet Joints were repeatedly installed without excess force being required to insert all 6 bolts (of the correct diameter). Joints are available in four or six hole options to suit CEN56 E1 & CEN60 E2 rail profiles.

Manufactured and tested to the exacting requirements of the Network Rail specification, the Coronet joint has met all the criteria as set out in RT/CE/S/023.


The performance characteristics compare favourably with steel based joints in tensile and shear values. The range is available in many rail sections and is particularly favoured in light rail applications. Due to its lightweight construction ease of maintenance.


  • Complete system including fasteners
  • Reduced installation time
  • High insulation properties
  • Extensive fatigue testing conducted
  • Fully retractable from rails for access/maintenance.

Burns Nylon Insulated Fishplates

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is the manufacturer of the Burns Joint kit, also known as “Burns Treble 6.” Burns kits are available to suit UK rail sections 113A, 98lb and 95RBH. We can supply new complete kits for first time installations or maintenance insulation kits for in situ repair to failed joints.

Mechanical rail joints

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Our range of mechanical rail joints, also referred to as ‘mechanical fishplates’, provide mission-critical performance.

Our range of high performance rolled fishplates provides superior in-service tolerance control and our Coronet CEN56 E1 range of fishplates are fully approved by Network Rail. Our CEN60 E2 & 95RBH fishplates are procured from quality assured, approved suppliers.

Fastening Kits

We hold the largest stock of rail fastenings in the UK. As a result, pairs of fishplates can be supplied kitted with fishbolts as required.


The following products are kept in stock for fast call off as required and can be supplied as pairs or singles:

  • CEN54 E1 - 6mm Gap and Tight Joint, 4 Hole
  • CEN56 E1 - 6mm Gap and Tight Joint, 4 Hole
  • CEN60 E2 - 6mm Gap and Tight Joint, 4 and 6 Hole
  • 95RBH - 6mm Gap, 4 Hole, round holes.

Fishplates for other rail sections are available.

Fishplate design

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Our standard rail joints, also referred to as mechanical fishplates, fit onto adjacent rails maintaining alignment and electrical continuity of the track.

We offer a full range of standard rail joints, also referred to as ‘mechanical fishplates’. Our Coronet rolled fishplates provide superior tolerance control over forged fishplates. When coupled with clean surface conditions, any concerns over premature failure under fatigue situations are eliminated.

Direct fixation systems

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Our direct fixation systems are complete, high-performance anchor bolt solutions in a range of diameters and lengths to suit all applications.

Coronet Retractable Anchor

The Coronet Retractable Anchor (CRA) is an all-in-one retractable anchor system, which is installed using conventional methods tallowing for easy removal and replacement of permanent way.

The CRA range is designed for use where it is necessary to be able to temporarily remove the anchor from its foundation for access. The standard CRA range is available in M24 and M27 diameters, with lengths to suit any application. Other diameters are available upon request.


  • Complete system including resin
  • Designed to reduce vibration and noise
  • Designed for applications with high dynamic loads
  • Supplied with a solution to the effects of corrosion
  • Designed with high insulation properties
  • Extensive fatigue testing conducted by Metronet, Tubelines and DLR
  • Fully retractable from socket in-situ.

Coronet Fixed Anchors

The Coronet Fixed Anchor (CFA) is a fixed anchor design incorporating resin and insulating components for permanently fixed assemblies. The CFA range is designed for use where permanent anchor fixation is required. The standard CFA range is available in M22, M24 and M27 diameters, with lengths to suit any application. Other diameters available upon request

Track fastenings

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Our comprehensive range of high performance, high-quality track components are safety critical and deliver peace of mind performance in the most demanding conditions.

We offer the largest dedicated stock holding of high-quality railway track fastenings. Many of the fasteners we supply are safety critical and must function in the most testing of environments. Controls on the supply of all rail fastenings are rigid.


We supply a comprehensive range of screwspikes for use in either wood or concrete, which can be supplied with either square or rectangular heads as follows:

  • Diameters: M20 to M24 or ¾” to 1”
  • Lengths: Up to 300mm or 12”
  • Finish: Self-colour, galvanized, sheradized or to suit customer specific requirements.

Fishbolts and Nuts

We stock a comprehensive range of fishbolts and nuts in a variety of lengths, head shapes and diameters:

  • Diameters: M16 to M27 or ¾” to 1.1/6”
  • Grade: V Grade (10.9) or R Grade (5.6)
  • Lengths: As required
  • Finish: Self-colour

  • Square Round c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Square Square c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Pear c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Pan Pear c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Oval c/w Square or Hex Nuts
  • Cup Nib c/w Hex Nuts

We also stock a complementary range of flat washers, through hardened washers and spring washers. Plain nuts, self locking nuts and collared nuts are also available.

Switch and Crossing Bolts

Switch and crossing bolts form a key component of L.B. Foster Rail Technologies’ rail fastening range:

  • Diameters: M24 to M27 or 15/16” to 1.1/6”
  • Grade: V Grade (10.9)
  • Lengths: Up to 1000mm (40”)
  • Finish: Self-colour

  • Square Round c/w Square Nuts
  • Thin Head Square Round c/w Square Nuts
  • Top Hat c/w Square Nuts
  • Hex Round c/w Square Nuts -Tee Head c/w Square or Hex Nuts.
Other Rail Fastenings

We supply a wide variety of customer specific or non-standard rail fastenings including;

  • Fang Bolts
  • Insulated Shank Fishbolts
  • Muckle Bolts & Brown Studs
  • Through Bolts
  • Stretcher Bar Bolts.

Rail accessories

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We stock and supply a wide variety of dedicated, high quality, high-performance track component rail accessories.

We specialise in both short lead time emergency maintenance supplies and full supply packages against project bills of materials.

Insulating Components

  • Single and two-part insulating end posts
  • IBJ Treble 6 insulating maintenance sets
  • Baseplate ferrules – top hat and standard designs
  • UIC33 check rail insulating kits for rail joints
  • Insulating bushes, washers, washer plates, spacers

Other Rail Accessories

  • Rail benders
  • Mack switch protector
  • Rail scribing block
  • Re-gauging tools

EWOS® switch lock

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The EWOS® switch lock by L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is a class-leading, wear-free locking mechanism for rail switches, incorporating a unique, built-in roller system.

Our unique EWOS® switch lock system means lubrication of the switch locking mechanism is no longer required. Switch transitions are made using rollers, resulting in a smooth, even running movement which eliminates the wear associated with sliding friction.

The simplicity of the EWOS® switch lock makes assembly and adjustment significantly easier, whilst its wear-free performance means inspection intervals can be extended up to two years.


  • Economical and low maintenance due to extended inspection intervals of up to two years
  • No lubrication required
  • Protects the drive unit from actuating power surges
  • Quick installation and set-up without the need for additional drilling
  • Trailable without damaging the components
  • Tolerant of ± 25mm longitudinal rail movement
  • Switch lock can be quickly retrofitted on almost all points without major expense using existing holes drilled in the rail

Download our datasheet:

EKOS® switch roller system

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The EKOS® switch roller system by L.B. Foster Rail Technologies delivers lubrication free switch blade movement.

EKOS® switch rollers are durable, reliable and robust and eliminate the need to lubricate switch slide plates, while simultaneously reducing switch operating forces. EKOS® components can be quickly installed into existing and new points configurations without the need to interfere with the construction of the points themselves; it’s even possible to complete part of the installation during normal track operation.

Originally developed in 1993, the system has been continually improved and developed to exceed customer demands and is proven under heavy axle loads. The EKOS® roller switching systems are available for all forms of rail profile.


  • Reliable and smooth switch movements increase switch availability
  • Reduced switching forces protect switch drives, extending asset life
  • Environmentally friendly, lubricant-free performance
  • Simple clamping mechanism provides fast and simple installation
  • Reduction in the life cycle costs due to reduced maintenance needs
  • Short payback periods.

Download our datasheet:

Rail anchors

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Our high-performance rail anchors provide a tried and tested solution for fixing rails to sleepers.

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies Fair® rail anchors’ unique design is made of a special T-shaped spring steel, forged and heat treated for uniform strength and extended performance. Fair® rail anchors are a ‘drive-on’design.


  • Provide full rail base contact
  • Distribute creeping loads evenly
  • Eliminate sleeper chewing and climbing
  • Deliver largest sleeper bearing area.

Our Fair® rail anchors are available for almost any rail size in two types:

  • XL-1 Fair® for standard applications
  • Improved Fair® for heavy duty and challenging installations.


Continuous Refinement

We constantly appraise our rail anchor manufacturing processes to assure the FAIR® Rail Anchor remains the dominant anchor in track.

Overdrive Stop

Our Overdrive Stop feature assures proper application every time, by either manual or machine application.


Provides full rail base contact. FAIR® is the only anchor to eliminate flex in frozen ballast rail “pumping” conditions.

Tie Bearing Area

A greater contact area than any other design reduces wood fibre crushing prolonging sleeper life.

Jaw Grip

The vice-like action on rail base resists rail movement on average more than any other drive-on anchor, providing superior holding power.

High Quality

Our premium quality steel anchor integrity is maintained for long lasting service.