Directional signage

  • Posted by Laura Powell

Our range of directional signage allowing visitors will be able to navigate simply and safely.

L.B. Foster work hand in hand with Modulex, the world leading sign system & directional signage manufacturer. Modulex are clear that wayfinding is the skill of guiding people to their destination and have a leading reputation for design and sign system supply. Some of the best sign systems are from Modulex including external totems, directional, internal wayfinding , maps and destination nameplates.

Added to the L.B. Foster Wayfinder solution, visitors will be able to navigate simply and safely .

Good architecture, interior design, landmarks, technology and communication all contribute towards effective wayfinding. Well placed signage and graphics simply complete and enhance the journey or experience.

Modulex are an international business with a presence in 45 countries and provide solutions across all sectors – healthcare, education, workplace, hospitality, retail, residential, government and public space.