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  • Posted by Anthony Thompson

Enhancing the passenger experience across their whole journey with personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it. Delivered by pioneering technology, keeping passengers informed and connected.

A concept originally driven by the Crossrail project, L.B. Foster’s SmartStation responded to comprehensive market research via reports for TfL, Crossrail, RSSB, and Deutsche Bahn.

The concept is simple - information on screen displays, whether fixed in stations or on handheld devices, should be relaying real time information that is relevant to the passenger at their point of the journey and limited to their current situation.

The key information surrounds disruption notification so passengers have choice on services and trains. Also incorporating multi modal transport, SmartStation software integrates other sources of real time data from busses, cycle hire, taxis and destination status.


  • Specific information for the individual
  • Hierarchy planned information and display types
  • Fully integrating multi modal transport & feeds
  • End to end journey information, from home to destination
  • Consistent tone of voice
  • Easy to integrate
Anthony Thompson Sales Manager


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