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Red light violation video security

  • Posted by Adam Cousins

Using powerful HD CCTV systems, L.B. Foster provide the technology for 24/7 Recording ‘at-edge’ with secure VPN 3G access to live and evidential quality recordings for prosecutions

Usually located at Level Crossings or managed traffic/rail intersections, Cameras link to wig wag lights, (where wigwag is generally used to refer to alternate flashing lights), such as those found at modern level crossings.

Specially developed cameras detect crossing ingress when wigwags are working and small CCTV timed cameras detect and monitor the wigwag operation at the same time, taking timed footage of the lights, proving operation and safety case.

Footage captured have led to many prosecutions and safety improvements.


  • 24/7 operation
  • continuous monitoring
  • wigwag monitoring
  • HD evidential footage - delivered digitally to control centres.

See some of the footage captured by our cameras: