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Control and Display Sectors

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  • Mosaic Mimic Systems Subklew SM24Control PanelsErgonomic DesignWorkstationsDynamic overview display

    L.B. Foster provide mission critical solutions for power generation including Nuclear PetroChem, Oil & Gas, Biomass and renewables. See what they are here.

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  • Inform TotemBridge Strike MonitoringLiDAR level crossing obstacle detectionFlood Monitoring SystemEarthworks Monitoring SystemAvalanche and Rockfall Remote Failure DetectionSolar gateway CCTVHD asset monitoringPerimeter and intruder detectionRed light violation video securityStanchionDriver only operationSmartStationDisruption managementLED DisplaysWall mounted touch screen displaySignalling control panelsMosaic mimic systemsSignalling workstationsSignalling overview displayRelocatable equipment buildings and location cases

    In the ever expanding global rail industry, L.B. Foster delivers powerful & innovative solutions to keep our railways moving. From rail technologies to obstacle detection, find out about our rail solutions.

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  • Help pointWall mounted touch screen display

    Multi-modal journeys are common place and include road, sea, rail & air journeys which are influenced by L.B. Foster solutions. Find out how we do it here.

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