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Opportunity knocks

Getting out and around the business is a value that Nottingham’s Neil Roberts has really taken to heart. His most recent work around avalanche detection has seen him embark on an 8,000 mile adventure to present at Railway Interchange 2019 in the US city of Minneapolis.

“Minneapolis in September is a great place to be, even if presenting to an audience of seasoned railroad engineers is a bit intimidating!” reflects Neil Roberts, L.B. Foster’s Total Track Monitoring (TTM) product manager.

Neil’s travels to the AREMA Annual Conference, in conjunction with Railway Interchange, gave L.B. Foster the opportunity to present our latest Avalanche TTM to influential members of the railroad industry.

“Our avalanche solution is an innovative piece of engineering that demonstrates how L.B. Foster is joining up the skills from different parts of the company to produce new ways of doing things.”

Neil Roberts, TTM Product Manager, L.B. Foster

Avalanche TTM applies innovations in mobile technology, CCTV, low energy and software to deliver a system that can be installed where fixed infrastructure is unavailable. The system uses long-life battery-powered RCM tilt and position sensors attached to vertical posts. When an avalanche occurs, the posts are knocked over triggering an alert that is automatically relayed to a control centre. The small, inexpensive sensors have the cost potential to be used over hundreds of miles of track susceptible to avalanche or mudslide events.

“The technical session that we presented at AREMA was very well received. It was great brand positioning for L.B. Foster. This is a really prestigious rail event with many of the key influencers from across the US railroad sector in attendance.

“Taking our rightful place at this thought leadership table is exactly where we need to be as we drive forward our comprehensive programme of technology integration. I’m hugely excited to be part of this conversation.”