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We are a specialist technology provider for the control room, providing control panels, control room workstations and dynamic or fixed mimic display systems.

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Our performance critical customer information systems help keep our travellers moving, providing important information throughout the total journey line – from air to rail, bus to tram.

TEW Engineering, part of L.B. Foster Company, has been delivering mechanical and electrical engineering services for over 100 years. We have been at the forefront of new display technologies from the control room to the passenger concourse.

We provide traditional solutions such as the Subklew mosaic mimic system which still provides the most cost effective solution for process display in many 24/7/365 control and visualisation applications. Inform is our latest offering giving transit operators & passengers a suite of powerful display screens alongside some great travel information apps.

  • 193

    We have installed 193 Driver Only Operation CCTV cameras across London's new Elizabeth line

  • 434

    High Definition CCTV cameras watch over Network Rail bridges 24/7/365

  • 79

    Retractable Mounting Systems (RMS) installed on Crossrail stations enable maintenance of DOO CCTV cameras at platform level

  • 62

    Network Rail bridges are monitored remotely using our CCTV bridge-strike technology

We use our knowledge and experience to develop new solutions for monitoring safety and security from a discreet distance.

Our smart Remote Condition Monitoring solutions combine CCTV, sensor technology, mobile and wireless communications to keep a watchful eye on valuable assets and issue alerts when compromised. Our solutions include:

  • flood
  • landslip
  • avalanche
  • bridge-strike.
Our control and display solutions are an integral part of your experience whenever you travel by rail. We never stand still, always looking to the future with new solutions for tomorrow's smart stations.

L.B. Foster TEW Engineering’s comprehensive range of passenger information solutions includes innovations such as our mobile, wireless disruption management totem which delivers essential travel information anywhere it is needed. Our inspirational Customer Information System (CIS) solutions keep your world moving, including our dynamic overview displays and LED displays.

Mobile disruption information totem

Inform is L.B. Foster's fully wireless, all-weather, Section 12 compliant, high definition video displays. Produced for MTR Crossrail to provide disruption information to London Underground passengers.

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Smartstations by L.B. Foster

Personalised, consistent, real-time information to wherever and whenever the customer needs it. Delivered by pioneering technology, keeping passengers informed and connected.

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