Case Studies (Page 3)

Mobile Top-of-Rail application system for The Shuohuang Railway

Shuohuang Railway, within the Shenhua Group, completed its evaluation of our mobile Top-of-Rail (TOR) application system in 2017.

Solid stick Friction Management for Prague Metro

The in-service performance of L.B. Foster’s HPF Solid Stick solutions has demonstrated clear returns in terms of extended asset life performance and associated cost benefits.

Network Rail Fishplate and Rail Joint Redesign

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies was briefed to undertake a major project to totally redesign the range of fishplates and rail joints used across the UK rail network.

PROTECTOR® IV electric lubricator for ATC

Our team of solutions engineers in Sheffield has created a new, wall-mounted friction management solution, specifically for installation in the new tunnels.

Rail ticket retailing for Virgin Trains

Situated in the centre of Birmingham New Street Station, the Virgin Trains ticket office revolutionises the way in which journeys are planned and tickets are purchased.

City of York Council - Customer information system

York Council approached L.B. Foster to develop an effective customer information system to bring together services across all categories and efficiently organise the flow of people into the centre.

Door assembly - Automated inspection and assembly solutions

L.B. Foster was approached by IAC Group Limited to supply bespoke automated machines to assemble components and perform inspection checks on car door assemblies for the new Land Rover Discovery.

Crossrail Limited/NG Bailey - Station communications systems

The new Farringdon station on the Elizabeth line will benefit from new, fully integrated station communications systems installed by L.B. Foster Telecoms.

Low power, solar gateway camera

Our unique solar-powered video surveillance camera delivers HD quality evidential footage by monitoring various conditions, sending alerts and images via 3G

Glanding and Termination for Crossrail/ATC

Elizabeth Line/Crossrail – Europe’s biggest infrastructure project, the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East.