Pallet handling

Layer depalletiser (coldroom)

  • Posted by Jack Whitehouse

The LDP arctic offers fully automatic layer palletising / de-palletising of boxed products in a multi-temperature environment.

Reliable de-palletising process for frozen storage environments down to -28°C. Fast and efficient batch picking of individual layers for consumption or re-palletisation for storage. Labour cost savings due to automation and simple operation. Reduction of manual product handling. Compact footprint easily fits into existing facilities. Optimises use of transport and storage space.



  • Remote control panel.
  • For use with both Chep or Euro pallets.


  • Transfer paddles with trace heating.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic system with trace heating for extreme temperature conditions.
  • 415V, 50Hz 3 phase at 25 Amp.


  • Transfer of a single layer in 30 seconds.
  • Max weight per layer 150kg.
  • Max stack weight 1000kg.
Download our datasheet here