Power and free conveyors

  • Posted by Adrian Pryce

Our range of power and free overhead chain conveyor systems allow our customers to handle light, medium and heavy products.

A Heavy Duty Power and Free conveyor transporting 7.2m long aluminium extrusions

Our power overhead conveyor and free systems are based on a twin track arrangement with the drive chain track mounted above a free-running load-carrying trolley track.

Single Trolley Capacities

  • 100kg up to 500kg
  • Capacities can be increased to transport greater product weights by using multiple trolleys and crossbar linkages.

System Design

Enables trolleys to be engaged or disengaged from the power chain for process or accumulative storage. They can be re-engaged and carried to the next process as required. Components

  • Vertical and horizontal bends
  • Switches
  • Merge junctions
  • Lift and lower stations
  • Computerised control systems These allow an array of circuit configurations to be created.


  • Automotive
  • Paint & finishing lines
  • Assembly lines

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