Auto mould cleaner

  • Posted by Jack Whitehouse

Our automatic mould cleaning machine increases efficiency and improves the process of mould cleaning, reducing costly scrappage rates.

When precision moulding is critical, even a tiny spec of dirt can destroy a whole casting, leading to increased costs and risk of fractures and faults.

Built for the aerospace industry where steel engine casting have to be at the highest standard, our automated mould cleaner which uses compressed air and vacuum technology ensures each mould is cleaned to the highest standards every time. Our technology can be use for a whole host of industries that require automated cleaning of moulds and critical components.

See the mould cleaner in action:


  • Enhanced compliance, quality and accuracy
  • Increased capacity and productivity
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduced labour strain


  • Individual mould variance manipulation programs
  • Fully enclosed industrial extraction system captures mould debris.
  • Debris visual monitoring system determines mould cleanliness