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What we do impacts positively on the everyday lives of millions of people in so many unseen ways.

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We design and manufacture innovative engineering solutions that are used widely in the rail, energy, manufacturing and materials handling industries.

L.B. Foster Europe is everywhere. We’re the hidden heroes delivering for you over and over.

In the transportation space, L.B. Foster Netpractise, L.B. Foster Rail Technologies and L.B. Foster Telecoms are working together to deliver new innovations. Think smart stations.

Our advanced wayfinding solutions make it easier to get around stations and CIS, PIS and disruption management help passengers plan journeys. PAVA, CCTV and ANPR are all designed with customer safety and security in mind. Onward journeys are improved thanks to our track products. Total Friction Management improves the journey experience. Remote condition monitoring keeps a watchful eye on the rail network so that proactive actions can be taken to keep the network moving. We’re in signalling too.

L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions keep the lights on in our homes. L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling solutions are all around you - controlling quality in cars to ensuring your online purchase arrives when you want it.

  • L.B. Foster Telecoms is currently working on 11 new Elizabeth line stations as part of the Crossrail project

  • L.B. Foster Rail Technologies supplies our KELSAN® Solid Stick friction management solutions to over 500 rail companies worldwide

  • L.B. Foster Automation & Materials Handling's cake conveyor for Premier Foods moves over 9000 Cherry Bakewells each hour

  • L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions' remote condition monitoring technologies protect 62 Network Rail bridges from vehicle collisions

Our engineering expertise inspires the safety, reliability and performance of critical infrastructures.

Our people are deployed bringing unmatched experience and expertise on major projects in the UK and Europe. On London’s new Elizabeth line each of our Telecoms, Rail Technologies and Software Development teams are involved delivering high-quality solutions to improve reliability, safety, security and performance.

We build technologically advanced automated manufacturing capabilities for JCB, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Premier Foods and other major brands. And our Control & Display solutions are deployed across the UK rail network, as well as controlling water and energy distribution.

Read our comprehensive library of case studies to learn more about what we do and who we do it for.

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The L.B. Foster brand enjoys a market leading reputation around the world for its high quality, high performance solutions, including track components, friction management and proven control panel technology.

As brand leaders, we constantly keep our business moving forward to maximise new market openings. We are committed to manufacturing excellence through traditional engineering solutions and the application of new technologies to conventional challenges.

We are a world class engineering solutions business. We leverage our expertise and knowledge, always with an eye focused firmly on our customers needs. We are creative and entrepreneurial, applying the most rigorous quality standards in everything we do.

We actively seek out joint ventures. And by listening and learning, we are able to work with our customers to develop the right solutions through collaborations and partnerships; because together we are stronger.

Fingerprint data and asset management pilot for Arriva

A bespoke software platform designed for a base level root cause analysis for engineers and managers.

Rockfall monitoring with a LIDAR optical fence

L.B. Foster is tackling track safety in the US with the application of innovative light technologies and remote condition monitoring for rockfall.

William Grant & Sons - Drain and fill line

Providing a full drain & fill line for William Grant & Sons' €35 million distillery in Tullamore, Ireland.

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