Public Address & Voice Alarm systems (PAVA)

  • Geschrieben von Tony Barham,

L.B. Foster’s offer sophisticated PA-VA solutions provide simple announcements provision for providing public information but also automatic alarm/emergency messages.


  • People react more quickly to a voice message than to a bell or sounder.
  • suitable for buildings of all sizes, from the smallest business premises to transport hubs and large public access buildings
  • cost-effective at any level, they can be custom-built and adapted to complex sites that may benefit from phased evacuation procedures and IP connectivity.
  • day to day this technology operates like an advanced PA system, carrying background music and announcements. Yet in an emergency the system kicks in to broadcast appropriate spoken messages, directing people to safe exits.
  • firefighters can easily use an emergency microphone to make their own announcements to ensure a quick and safe evacuation.
  • modern PAVA systems now require fewer amplifiers and are much easier for staff to use – especially useful in a small organisation where personnel have multiple roles.
  • the technology can also carry messaging such as paging, advertisements and the provision of background music.