L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions

L.B. Foster Control & Display Solutions is a specialist, end-to-end supplier to the rail and energy sectors.

We are experts in control and display innovations that enhance operational performance and deliver peace of mind.

Our solutions help operators to communicate with customers, protect valuable assets from damage and theft, safely control essential infrastructure and keep your world moving.

L.B. Foster Control & Display operates from its design, manufacturing and production facilities in Nottingham.


Our range of solutions tailored to the rail sector includes control rooms, dynamic information display and mosaic mimic diagrams, as well as DOO, disruption management and customer information. Our portfolio includes the world’s leading Mosaic Mimic system, Subklew SM24. We produce world-class signalling control and indication panels using our 40mm and 48mm tiles systems. Lifetime extensions of existing panels use our type approved 10-million operation push-pull buttons.

We design, make and install Customer Information Displays for real-time information delivery, as well as metal support structures for the dynamic displays, including our own High Visibility-Low Power (HVLP) display, ideal for challenging daylight bright environments. Touch screens help passengers interact with real-time information on an individual level.

We are also long-standing manufacturers of signalling panels, level crossing control and safety products and signage, specifically within the station and trackside location.


Our products help monitor and control power installations and power generating stations around the world. Our mosaic mimic diagrams control oil pipeline emergency shut-down systems in numerous offshore drilling platforms. Our control room designs include panels and operator workstations and overview video walls monitoring the transmission of gas and other fuels

We also work with the renewable energy industries to provide control and display solutions for hydroelectric installations and we continue to create a portfolio of products for the developing energy generation market.

Business history

Control & Display - TEW Engineering LTD

The foundation for our expertise and experience in Control & Display is taken from TEW Engineering, a business founded in Nottingham in 1914, with an electrical engineering heritage over 100 years. The acquisition of TEW Engineering by L.B. Foster in 2015 provides the business with its growth potential for the next 100 years given rise to innovation in the transit and energy markets such as signalling, customer information, disruption management and safety & security solutions Telecoms. The growth of our telecoms solution centre has been unprecedented with a business managing over £20 in projects, including Crossrail, LuL and other major transit schemes.

The acquisition of TEW Plus Ltd in 2015 has accelerated the business centres skills, staff levels and project capability. The legacy TEW Plus business is based in Cheshunt but also now includes offices in Central London and Sheffield. The business attracts project around the UK in markets other than transit such as energy, security and surveillance.