Solar gateway CCTV

  • Geschrieben von Keith Wilson,

The Solar Gateway is one of L.B. Fosters unique solutions, created by the need for customers to keep themselves informed where power and data cables can’t be provided.

Self powered, with up to 20 ‘TAG’ wireless detectors monitoring various conditions and sending alerts and images via 3G communications for security or environmental events. Fast 24/7 “always online” response without power or cables.

When included as part of a comprehensive remote (asset) condition monitoring scheme, the Solar gateway becomes a fully integrated monitoring, recording and communication device in one.

The camera housing the camera is an integrated low powered gateway which monitors a family of wireless ‘TAG’s – and streams either data, images or alarms via a low power always online 3G communications integrated router. This creates a complete 24/7 monitored smart Solar 3G CCTV system, which extends beyond intruder detection. Each TAG is wirelessly connected to the IP Gateway, at typically 200-500m distance, operating on its own integral battery. Typical life 12 months, longer at design request – and remotely monitored.

TAG’s are intelligent, and can be programmed with various functions, and decision logic, currently and not limited to detecting Tilt / Vibration / Temperature / Position / Flood and Contacts.


  • 3G Communications 24/7 on only 0.4W power.
  • secure 434MHz nominal carrier frequency – unlicensed ISM band typ.500m.
  • all TAGs communicate status – including ALARM, radio signal, and battery condition (Typ. 12 month life).
  • up to 20 TAGs to one Gateway – Multiple Gateways for resilience.

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