Level crossing obstacle detection

  • Geschrieben von Keith Wilson,

L.B. Foster have delivered over one hundred LIDAR Obstacle Detection solutions implemented across the country as part of the National Level Crossing upgrade programme.

Safer Rail Journeys

Designed to detect obstacles on the ground and around the edge of the barrier lines the L.B. Foster LIDAR solution delivers unique small object detection protecting children and adults as well as vehicles and other large objects

The L.B. Foster systems is currently undergoing development to comply to Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) and will deliver improved reliability of detection in all weather conditions, improved accuracy of obstacle detection down to 115mm; Reduced maintenance routines And the flexibility in utilising intelligent algorithms (velocity, direction, etc)

The L.B. Foster LIDAR Obstacle detection system is one of the world only proven solutions that delivers both LIDAR detection and also takes the role of the traditional RADAR detection system, delivering one complete solution.


  • The solution is signalling system agnostic.
  • reduced whole life costs due to reduced maintenance and product replacement cycle
  • train delays due to near zero false alarms
  • mechanised shutter for LIDAR lense protection
  • plug coupled connectors
  • bespoke mounting bracket for quick set up
  • SIL3 operational solution

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