Wireless mobile display

  • Geschrieben von Laura Powell,

As part of the Inform by L.B. Foster family, the wireless totem is uniquely placed as an iconic display giving passenger information wherever and whenever they want it.

Using the latest in high definition video displays, the totem is capable of running for 24 hours on a single charge from its built-in batteries. Integrated Wifi and 3G/4G mobile communications allow this unique display to connect to a variety of information systems. Naturally, local station manager messages can be displayed, along with train departure information. Even rainbow boards for other transport systems such as London Underground can be integrated within the totem display screen.

The INFORM range of displays, including the Disruption Management System, are fully Section 12 compliant with the use of low smoke zero halogen cables, fume components and sealed IP65 enclosures to contain noxious substances in sub-surface and fire-critical environments.


  • Fully mobile
  • 24hr battery life
  • use outdoors - waterproof to IP65
  • vandal Proof - anti reflective front
  • truly mobile with both secure Wifi and Dual-SIM Mobile 3G/4G Connectivity
  • connect, manage, and control with our unique app.